Amberley Museum


We’re spending the day here – all industry and technology (old & new) and stuff.

Barney is bored but well behaved and admired by most.

Just had a demonstration of a linotype typesetting machine, which was fascinating.

Wey & Arun canal


We are having a stroll along the towpath of a restored section of this canal. This is a very unusual lock


If you look very closely at the water levels, you can see that the main section of the lock is too low – this is because the pound above has been lowered by 6 feet, so when they rebuilt the lock, they lowered the main lock section and saved a few stones.

Weald & Downland Open Air Museum


A fascinating collection of old buildings relocated to lovely parkland north of Chichester.
One house came from North Cray, so it has some local relevance for us.

Camera crews are wandering about filming bits of it for a TV programme.

And the sun is shining…