Monday Afternoon

We opened the door at the pub to go in, only to be met by a chap walking out with two cats on leads!
We were all quite surprised, including Barney…
Anyway good beer, friendly staff and nice food.


After lunch, we had a stroll around Ludwell, including seeing the local water cress beds, which were a hive of activity :


Monday Morning

We got going reasonably early today and drove up to Win Green – the highest point in Wiltshire. Lovely views, but still quite windy so we just had a short stroll and a chat with a National Trust ranger.


We then headed down for a geocaching walk in some nearby woods


It was nice to be out of the wind!

Currently in a local pub awaiting our lunch…

Lazy Sunday

Had a very lazy day yesterday..

We had a stroll to the local pub, then went for a 3 mile walk from the cottage. It’s quite muddy underfoot!


The sun is shining this morning and the wind has died down somewhat; this is the view from the lounge window:


Deepest Wiltshire

We’re now settled in a lovely cottage (well, bungalow) in deepest Wiltshire.

Fabulous views from the lounge, and is seems very peaceful.

It’s getting a bit windy outside though – the forecast for the week isn’t particularly wonderful…

But there is a good pub half a mile away, so hopefully a good lunch and a few beers tomorrow!