London Loop Walk 4 – Coney Hall to Whyteleafe

It’s been a while since my last London Loop Walk, so with reasonable weather forecast, today was the day to do the next section.
I used the bus to get to the start of the section at Coney Hall – this was much easier than the much longer train journey to Hayes.

The first bit was through Coney Hall Recreation Ground, a pleasant but unexceptional dog walking area:

Coney Hall Recreation Ground

Then a nice path past Wickham Church:

Wickham Church

Across the busy A2022, then through playing fields into the woods at Spring Park and Threehalfpenny Wood:

Spring Park

Then it was a bit of trudge down a busy road until some more woodland at Addington Hill:

Addington Hill Tree

The path climbed up to the “summit”:

Addington Hill Steps

With good views over London (click for a larger image):

Addington Hill Viewpoint

Then back down the other side, and across the tram tracks at Coombe Lane Station:

Heathfield House is a very pretty late 18th Century house and gardens, now used as a training centre:


Next was Bramley Bank, a Nature Reserve:

Bramley Bank

After walking through Forestdale, open country beckoned at Selsdon Wood:

Selsdon Wood

Then the final leg to Hamsey Green:

Farleigh PathHamsey Green

This is the official end of the section, but it was easier for me to do a bit of Section 5 and get the train back home from Whyteleafe.

Dipsleys Shaw

Whyteleafe Station

A total of 12 miles today.

London Loop Walk 5, 6 and 7 – Whyteleafe to Ewell

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Cologne Tuesday

We had time for a short wander around Cologne this morning ,but with not enough time to really investigate anywhere.

1606-417 Bavaria - Cologne

We’re now on the final leg of our journey, an ICE train to Brussels, then Eurostar to London.



We had a wander around Garmisch-Partenkirchen this morning, then caught the local train to Munich.

Train to Munich

After a quick beer, we’re now on the high speed train to Cologne.


After lunch, we took the coach to Linderhof, the summer retreat of King Ludwig.


It is a very beautiful house and gardens, but grossly over ornate inside, lots of gold and mirrors.


We are visiting Oberammergau today. Unfortunately, it’s the first day when rain has been a nuisance.

We had a tour of the village with an excellent local guide,and now know a lot about the passion plays that are performed in the village every decade.

Many of the houses in the village have wonderful frescos on them


Including some with 3D perspectives.

German Food

We had to find our own supper tonight, so we bravely tried a traditional German hotel.


Interesting food (and beer) including an edible red cabbage dish!
This was followed by a stroll along the river back to our hotel.