Just back from holiday, and our next foster dog has been delivered.


Dennis is (apparently) 8 years old, but very little is known about his past, so this is a bit of a learning exercise.

Off to the vet this afternoon to get him microchipped…

Melrose Walk

After lunch in a pub (including a Scottish Burger with haggis and a fried egg), we explored the Melrose area:

There used to be a major Roman Settlement here, with lots of information boards describing the invisible traces of the buildings. 

In the distance was one of the Eildon Hills (old lava outflows) 

We also passed a superb disused railway viaduct over the Tweed:

And a stone dedicated to Thomas the Rhymer 

Not forgetting a couple of geocaches. All in all, a nice walk. 


Todays outing was to Jedburgh, about 10 miles away. We had a wander around the town before lunch; the Abbey was impressive:



And lots of bright flowers around, which cheered up a rather miserable day.


Then off to the Castle Jail, a museum that the girls found fascinating.


This sculpture represents a geographical ‘Unconformity’ that was found near the town.


We had planned to go for a walk after lunch, but the drizzle had set in a bit, so we went to the Mary Queen of Scots house instead.


On the way back, the girls found some ‘outdoor gymnasium’ equipment by the river


Overall, a nice town!

The Auld Cross Keys Inn

A rather pretentious name for a pub/hotel, but surprisingly good. Very friendly staff, and a good meal and beer, even if the decor was a bit 1970’s. 

Scottish beer has certainly improved since the last time I was here! 

The girls certainly enjoyed their roulade 

Tibbie Tamson’s Grave

The weather forecast for today was dry, warm and sunny. After checking that we’d not been rematerialised in Kent, we decided to try another walk near Selkirk.

This one was on the opposite side of the town, on the Philiphaugh Estate.

Initially we climbed up a track through the forest

But we were soon above the forest and into the sunshine.

Gemma and I left Tina chilling out by a lovely reservoir and headed for the local summit, which is capped by three “Brethren”, which were placed by the local lairds years ago to mark their estate boundaries.

The views from the top were superb – you could see for miles in all directions. It was also hot and sunny, with little wind.

We could have stayed there all day, but didn’t want to keep Tina waiting too long, so we headed back down and ate out lunch by the reservoir.

We then headed up to the grave site. Look it up on the web if you want the full story!

The rest of the route was back along forest tracks downhill, but it was very warm by this stage, so after a quick bit of shopping in Selkirk, we returned for a much needed cup of tea!

Back to Tweedbank

From Glasgow, we took a different route back to Edinburgh, using the Airdrie to Bathgate line that was reopened 9 years ago. This is the low level platform at Glasgow Queen Street station:

We then had a quick look at Edinburgh Castle (in the distance) before catching our (initially very crowded) train back to Tweedbank. 

Tweedbank station is still rather new and stark – no graffiti though!