Arlingham Horseshoe

Today’s walk was around a large loop in the River Severn near Arlingham. It was a bit overcast to start with, but a good path along the river. We kept pace with a log floating down the river on the tide for ages! 

An old pill box provided a good place to pause. In the background (on the other side of the river) is Newnham, near the Forest of Dean. 

Further on, tall pylons take electricity across the river:

Finally, we reached a small patch of woodland above a cliff which provided a sheltered spot for lunch:

And the river starts to open out:

We then left the river to the Gloucester and Sharpness canal near Saul.

And followed the towpath to Saul Junction; very picturesque! 

From here, we followed the disused Stroudwater Canal back to the car:

11 miles, but no geocaches today. 

Robinswood Hill Country Park

Another nice sunny day today, but we’ve some tree felling to do this afternoon, so had a shorter walk this morning around this Country Park. Lots of other dogs, which pleased Toby, and quite a few new geocaches to keep us involved. 

Many views of Gloucester and Cheltenham from the tops. 

A mere 5 miles and 1100ft climbed. And 8 geocaches… 

Haresfield, Pitchcombe and Randwick

A lovely sunny day today, with less cold wind than yesterday, so we were off bright and early on our walk.

We started at Haresfield Beacon, a familiar landmark. Unfortunately there was still a bit of low cloud on the tops, but this soon cleared. 

We then followed the Cotswold Way through the woods around Haresfield Hill to Rudge Hill Common for our first break:

Toby enjoyed searching for sheep droppings…

 After a few more geocaches, we followed a lovely path through Pitchcombe Wood. 

Then through the fields to Whiteshill

We stopped at the village pub for a quick beer (3 gravity fed real ales to choose from), then found a bench in the village recreation ground to eat our sandwiches. Then headed on towards Randwick. 

Now it was time for the hard work climbing back up the hills, though we did pause to get some more geocaches on route. 

10 miles today, and just over 2200ft climbed! 

Farley’s End Walk

It was a nice day today (though with an occasional blast of cold wind), so Steve and I took Toby for a long walk. 

We followed the River Severn for several miles, then headed up the hill to the tiny village of Farley’s End, which has a really nice church. 

There was a geocache hidden just outside the church grounds. We then followed various paths down to the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, then along the towpath to another geocache, this one hidden in the metal railings along the canal edge. 

There was also a third geocache a bit further along the canal, which was soon found once we realised that the coordinates were not very accurate (in fact, 50m adrift). 

Then after a stop to eat our sandwiches, we headed along the canal to the pub for a well deserved beer. 11 miles today.

Last Day in Manchester

After the museum, we stopped for a beer in a pub my brother frequented in his university days: 

Then on to the Alan Turing memorial, appropriately enough in the ‘Gay Quarter’ 

This part of the Rochdale Canal is looking rather sad:

And just time for a quick visit to Chinatown:

Back home tonight… 

Manchester Museum

We walked down to the University of Manchester campus this morning to visit yet another museum. Mainly Natural History, but varied and interesting. 

The downside were a number of visiting schools, and children these days don’t seem to have a volume control… 

More Museums

We got the tram towards Bury this morning, and walked to the Manchester Museum of Transport, which turned out to be busses and trams. But run by knowledgeable volunteers, which makes all the difference! 

We also had a trip on a vintage bus around Northern Manchester, which was quite a good way to see the area. 

We then walked to the Jewish Museum, based in a disused synagogue, and had a good (but long) talk about Jews and their faith. Quite a contrast from busses! 

Ashton Canal

For my morning walk, I caught the tram out towards Ashton, where the line runs parallel to the Ashton Canal. 

All nice and peaceful. I then caught a tram back from further up the canal, which avoided retracing my steps. 

Roman Gardens

Next visit was to some Roman Gardens, near to the museum. Not much to see, but any green area in the centre of Manchester is a bonus. 

We then caught a tram out to the suburb of Didsbury, recommended for a bit of (relative) quiet and some decent restaurants. A nice journey and meal.