Goodbye to Samson

We said goodbye to Samson today. He’s been wonderful company for the last two weeks, though was very pleased to see his owners, so maybe I’d not done that well…

We had a nice final walk at High Elms this morning:

More Samson

We’ve now taken Samson to most of the local dog friendly places, and he seems to have really enjoyed himself.

He does like carrying and playing with sticks.

And of course, water!

He was determined to pull this large tree branch from the river:

A fun dog to look after!


Samson Sunday

An early morning walk in Shoreham Woods today – lovely summer weather for a change.

Unfortunately we encountered some cows blocking the exit from the field, but he was fine on the lead while we squeezed round them.

Wet Samson

I took Samson to the local woods – he was fine off the lead; when he got to far ahead on a path, he’d turn and run back to me…

He loves water, and managed to get totally submerged in the stream.

He also liked carrying a stick and would go back to find it when he realised that he had dropped it – something many other dogs struggle with.


We now have our next dog – not a foster dog though, instead we’re helping the owners of a rescue dog to go on holiday – and raise funds for the charity…

Samson is a 6 year old male, very friendly and well adjusted!

He loves playing with a ball!