Rocco Settled

As is often the case, Rocco has now settled down with us, and whilst never the most nervous dog we’ve had, now seems happy and calm. He sleeps downstairs when I’m working upstairs (indeed, he has never even tried to come up the stairs), is good with other dogs and has very reasonable recall for such a young dog.

The only current downside is that he’ll play with any shoe left within reach!

I’m now walking him off the lead along most local footpaths and open areas which is good because it allows him to burn off excess energy without pulling me along.


Rocco Day 3

Like most of my other foster dogs, Rocco is starting to calm down and be a bit more relaxed around the house. He is quiet overnight, and not too much of a nuisance when there is food around.He ‘helped’ us put up the Christmas decorations this afternoon – everything had to be investigated, but so far, nothing has been damaged!

Rocco Day 2

Rocco was fine when we had to leave him on his own yesterday evening, and was quiet overnight, though he is very lively when he sees someone again.

I took him to the woods this morning and decided to risk letting him off the lead. He shot off like a coiled spring, but soon came back and then spent the next hour constantly running around and exhausting himself. It was lovely to walk such an enthusiastic dog without having to worry what trouble he would get into!


A dog for Christmas?

Finally, after what seems like ages, we have another foster dog to look after.

Rocco is a 2 year old male dog. It’s early days yet, but he seems really cheerful, loves attention and playing with toys, and after the usual investigation of the house and waste bins, seems happy to settle down.

He has an unusual history, so we’ll be keeping him for a while to assess his real character prior to the rescue charity deciding on a suitable long term home for him.

Whether we’ll still have him over Christmas remains to be seen!