Day Out 2

I have spent a very happy day watching Morris dancing.  The odd pint of stout doesn’t go amiss either. Glad to see Gemma carrying on the tradition. Here are Blackadder preparing to begin dancing.

Rocco at Shoreham Woods

Rocco is now quite familiar with our local “dog friendly” country parks, so it was time to try him somewhere a bit more challenging.

As expected, he ran around like a mad thing exploring the new paths, but initially struggled with the concept of a Kissing Gate. But after the third one, he’d figured out what to do…


We’ve finally decided that Rocco is exactly the dog we want, so we’ve agreed to keep him permanently.

It will have an impact on our fancy foreign holidays, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.


Lego – Reach Stacker

It’s been too dull outside to spend too much time walking the dogs, so out comes the box of Lego for another build.

This uses the same parts as the Lego Mobile Crane I built a few years ago. Quite a challenging build, especially when sections had to be disassembled and reassembled to correct errors!