A sunny day in Basingstoke

Lovely weather today, and I had an opportunity to escape work and go for a short walk at lunchtime:

This is a nice park right next to my clients, and in all the time I’ve spent here, never before had a chance to explore it!

Just a shame that I didn’t have a dog with me…

Rocco in the countryside

With some warmer weather, today was the first opportunity to introduce Rocco to the real countryside – up to now, all his walks with us have been in “dog friendly” country parks.

He did seem a bit confused at first with all these unfamiliar paths, but soon settled down to his normal exuberance:

This walk has a four stiles with no provision for easy dog access. He managed to wriggle under one of them, but couldn’t be persuaded to jump the others (despite being more than capable), so I had to lift him over them. He is a very heavy dog!