Polstead Walk

It was nice weather this afternoon, so we had a final chance to enjoy the area on foot and wear Rocco out!

Rocco did manage to find a filthy black ditch, but there was a clean pond soon after to restore his normal colour.

Back home tomorrow…

Pub meal

We walked through the bluebell woods to the local pub last night for an excellent meal. It was the first time we’d sat inside the pub this week, and Rocco was well behaved, even getting a doggy treat from the landlord.

We then walked back through the woods in the dusk – lots of bats around.

Hadleigh to Polstead

A bit of a miserable start today, but the drizzle soon passed to give a dry day, though not as warm as recently.

The ladies wanted to do some shopping in Hadleigh, so Rocco and I got a lift there and walked back.

It was pleasant walking, though windy at times.

Luckily there was a path through this field:

I chose a route passing many geocaches, the hint for one was Don’t get bricked in:

And sure enough, under the brick was the cache:

And the walk continued:

5.5 miles and 9 geocaches in total. And a tired dog!

Museum of East Anglian life

We drove to Stowmarket today to visit the Museum of East Anglian life – which was a lot more interesting than the name might suggest!

It’s pretty much in the centre of Stowmarket, but covers 75 acres or so.

The exhibits range from relocated buildings to industrial machinery and farm implements.

First, the tithe barn:

Gypsy caravans:

Recreated rooms from the past:

And of course, farm machinery!

Morning coffee:

Then the main hall – the only part that we couldn’t take Rocco, so we did that in shifts.

After lunch, we visited various other buildings, including a ‘tin tabernacle’:

We had an interesting talk at the Water Mill, covering both the machinery and the milling process:

Then an even more interesting talk about charcoal production:

After which, despite arriving soon after it opened, we had to quickly visit the other exhibits before they closed!

A fascinating day.

Down to the pub again

What better way to spend a sunny day than walk through the bluebell woods to the pub?

It’s always nice to eat outside (when it’s warm and dry anyway), and we had a super meal. There was an error with the chips, so we had some left over for Rocco.

Afterwards, we had a short walk around Polstead.

We diverted via the nearby ford, in which Rocco had a wonderful time playing with sticks.

Then back for a cup of tea…

Another lovely morning walk

Yet another fine day today, so Rocco and I went out to do some geocaching on our morning walk. He didn’t like being on the lead along the roads, but welcomed running around on the paths.

The way back was across fields, which made for some rough walking along dried out tractor tyre tracks.

6.7miles and 6 geocaches this morning, and, finally, a tired dog!

A sunny day in Suffolk

Fabulous weather today, nice to do the early morning walk with Rocco without a coat or gloves!

Rocco enjoyed cooling down in the ford:

Then we walked to the local pub for a lovely lunch – and it was warm enough to sit outside, which was a bonus.

Back in Suffolk

We’ve returned to our favourite holiday destination in Suffolk, this time in one of the converted barns (there are new owners now, and the house is being renovated).We had to pick the girls up from Colchester Station, so I had an opportunity to walk Rocco in the local country park. He really enjoys running around chasing sticks.

We got to our destination just before Tesco arrived with our food, so it was a bit of a rush getting everything unpacked!

Then off to introduce Rocco to the nearby Bluebell Woods.

And now time for a beer. A lovely warm day today – it’s only a few days ago that I needed my thick gloves when out walking…