Early Dance Festival

After a brief visit to the Portrait Gallery, I got back in good time for an afternoon of dancing displays.  Wonderful dancing and beautiful costumes.  I was so absorbed in the spectacle, I forgot to take photos!

Today’s events rounded off with supper and social dancing, including an eightsome reel, which I haven’t done in a while…


A day in Edinburgh

Went into town by bus after breakfast with some of the others.  Popped into the National Gallery and marvelled at The Monarch of the Glen, which I had never seen in reality.

Then by shuttle bus to the Modern Art Gallery to see an exhibition about collage.  That was interesting too.  Rather than go back into town to come out again, I walked back to the Guest House along the river, which was exceedingly enjoyable, if a little damp.

Now time for a shower and change before the festival itself gets underway this evening.

Stage two

Safely arrived in Edinburgh! I have a charming single room with my own loo although the shower is upstairs.  Now I am going to get the bus into town to visit the National Museum of Scotland.

Rocco Update

After a day of relative rest, Rocco’s leg is much better today, and we took him for a gentle walk this morning.

He happily ran around as usual, so it looks like everything is OK now. But it will be shorter walks for a day or two…

Rocco damages his foot

Rocco was limping a little bit on the walk back yesterday – a quick look didn’t find the usual thorn or glass cut.

However, this morning, he was reluctant to put any weight on this foot, so it was off to the vet…

It looks like he has sprained one of his ‘toes’, so is on anti-inflammatory medicine and rest for a few days.

Which somewhat limits our plans for the weekend.

But he seems to be improving, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.


We had a nice steak and chips in the Pilot last night – timed it just right so that we walked there in the dry, it rained while we were in the pub, then walked back in the dry…

The forecast today wasn’t too inspiring, with rain scheduled for lunchtime, so we walked along the canal to Gloucester.

On the way, we crossed the Severn to Alney Island, but many of the paths were flooded and muddy from the recent rain, so we headed back into Gloucester.

First stop was The Fountain, a lovely ‘Country Pub’ in the middle of the town. Then to the Turk’s Head, a recently opened Micro Pub. Then finally back to the Gloucester Brewery pub in the docks.

The dogs were quite bored by this time, but still well behaved (especially with a treat in the offering)

Then back along the canal to home.