Annual routine, with a difference

It’s normally about this time of year when I spring clean the conservatory.  In the past, I have set aside a day in which to do it, but this year I am taking it a bit more slowly and doing an hour or so each day.  Much better for the old back!  I think I will do it this way in future as well…

I am also tidying up the plants as I go.  This is a really nice room when it is clean and tidy!

This will be the last corner to be tackled, as I work round in an anti-clockwise direction…

Settling in to the new routine

There has been less change over the last few days.  This was the second week of watching, rather than attending, worship, and it feels like a routine is emerging. We are lucky to have social media, despite its bad press, to keep in touch. Also immensely lucky to have a garden to go out in to, and a dog to walk for exercise.

And beer. Also, if we run out of bread flour, at least we’ll be able to eat cake!

A quiet day

So grateful that the weather has been fine again today.  Housework, gardening, walked the dog, rang a friend.

Later, I sat at the piano and played some of the pieces I used to play as a teenager.

Then another first: watching a “night in gig” on Facebook.   Rob Halligan (look him up) is playing in his sitting room.  Good fun!

New growth

I am delighted that the peony, which looked a bit shocked after I moved it last year, has started to regrow.  I hope it will be happier in the pot than in the shady bed it was in before.

The lovage has also come back, which is always a relief.  I would be distraught if I lost that plant; it’s probably the herb I use most of.  I saved some seeds last year, which I have just sown. Fingers crossed, I will have some backup plants.  The grape hyacinths shouldn’t really be there, but they are pretty!

More musings

Phil and I went for a walk on Monday for his birthday.  We went to Petts Wood, where everyone was being very sensible and keeping their distance.  The weather was lovely and the flowers were shining in the sun.  Rocco had fun splashing in the stream.  It was a welcome dose of normality.

I couldn’t get my shadow out of the way!

Pondering on a strange time

What a strange week it has been!  As time went on, so more and more was cancelled.  Since I had already bought the milk by the time Toddlers was cancelled, I used it to make some cheese.

In spite of not having any activities to go to – or very few – I was as busy as usual.  Everyone I know seems to be setting up WhatsApp groups, and emails are flying around dealing with the changing arrangements.  A period of enforced inactivity looks like a good opportunity to catch up on some projects, but so far I have been far from inactive.

At least we are in as good a place as can be expected.  We have enough food, and places to walk the dog while we avoid contact with others.  Only time will tell what happens next, but my heart goes out to everyone who is facing serious health or financial worries.