Ralph Banned

Ralph was introduced to the cubs last night, and kept them entertained for quite a while. He is friendly with them, but has a tendency to jump up. And he (eventually) drops a ball so it can be thrown again. It’s always fascinating to watch a dog try to get traction on a shiny floor!

Then on to the pub, where he wowed most of the customers. Once it was a bit quieter, I let him off the lead to have an explore, and he was very well behaved.

Overnight he slept OK in his bed and is a lot calmer today. But he has a tendency to grab anything to hand; clothes, shoes, socks, coasters, magazines. So the house has had a major reshuffle!

He wants to join me in the office, but this is more difficult to make dog proof, so we invested in a stair gate and banned him from the office.

He seems (mostly) happy to stay on the landing and give me dirty looks…

Ralph Stairgate

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