A New Job 2

My new job packing kits of components seems to have expanded somewhat, which has given me the opportunity to rationalise and speed up the process.

The sorting trays work better with a wooden frame; as I pack the set nearest me, I can just slide them down and put the empty one at the ‘top’.

To avoid making mistakes, it does need quite a lot of concentration, so it’s best done in small batches!

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Yet another lockdown “Pub” meal

Not the weather for us to enjoy our most recent “pub” meal outdoors, but nice to have something close to it indoors.

First course was Steak & Chips with Peas and Mushrooms, washed down with a pint of Gadds #5 Bitter and a pint of Canterbury Merchant’s Ale (described by the brewery as a “Mild Kentish Stout”):

The pudding was a Raspberry & Passion Fruit tart; it really needed a dollop of double cream on it!:

Rocco seemed very keen on the steak and enjoyed a small offcut!

A New Job!

Now I’m (supposed to be) retired, I volunteered to help a Model Railway Electronics group pack kits of components. Most of the electronics that I initially used for my model railway came from this group, so I was keen to give something back.

First job was to 3D design and print some trays to sort the components into – I wanted something that would easily stack so it didn’t take up too much space when not in use – you can see the results in the photos below.

I also had to order some missing components, and learn how to program the specific microcontrollers that these kits use. I also built a sample kit to check that everything worked OK.

But finally, everything was in place, and the components could be counted into trays:

Each tray of components is then packed into a self seal bag:

And then the job was done:(You can see the stacked sorting trays in this photo).

One kit done and ready to be posted, now to do the next one!


Glorious Walking

We may be in lockdown, but with the dry and sunny weather, our morning walks have been really nice.

This is a happy Rocco in Farnborough Fields, adjacent to High Elms Country Park:

Another Lockdown ‘Pub’ meal

We were due to be on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales this week, so as partial compensation, we decided to have another Tesco “Meal Deal”.

The main course was Slow Cooked Gammon Shank In Pineapple with Chunky Chips:

And for pudding, Chocolate & Orange Profiteroles:

And a surprisingly nice bottle of Merlot. Not bad for a total cost of £10!

A Lockdown ‘Pub’ Meal

We have been missing the occasional meal in a pub, so took advantage of a Tesco “Meal Deal” and made our own. I’d earlier collected a few pints of “Wantsum Imperium Bitter 4.0%” from our local beer takeaway, and enjoyed a beer in the sunshine while the cook was hard at work!

First course was peppercorn steak with lemon and thyme roast potatoes, pan fried mushrooms and salad. All washed down with a reasonable wine:

Pudding was raspberry cheesecake and cream:

Total cost £10 (plus a few vegetables), including the wine. What a bargain!

Oxleas Wood

As we’re now ‘allowed’ to travel further for our exercise, we decided to walk around Oxleas Wood in the sunshine. This is actually a collection of woods and parks that interlink around the Shooters Hill area in South East London.

We started in Eltham Park South (the park is split in half by the main A2 Dover Road):

Rocco found a stick within seconds of getting out of the car:

We then crossed the A2 via a large overbridge and walked through Eltham Park North, which is mainly woodland. Rocco found a dirty pond of course:

We then walked through Oxleas Wood to Severndroog Castle:
Severndroog Castle was built in 1784 as a memorial to Sir William James, once the Director of the East India Company, by his wife Lady Anne James. It celebrates his most famous exploit, the capturing of the island fortress of Suvarnadurg. Severndroog Castle is 132 metres (432 feet) above sea level, gifting it with exceptional views of the London cityscape, the Thames River and the edges of London’s seven surrounding counties.

It was of course closed, so no “exceptional views” for us. Instead, we stopped for a break on the terrace, then headed back downhill a different way:

This had more meadows (you can see a small open cafe at the top of the hill):

And then back through Eltham Park:

A nice afternoon out!


Rocco Struggles

Rocco enjoys carrying the largest stick (or sticks) that he can get, but struggles with the concept of passing through narrow gaps when they are sticking out each side…

I’d taken this photo just after he’d unsuccessfully tried to get through the gap. But after rearranging them, he eventually managed.