Minatur Wunderland

We had to be up early to get here in our allocated time…

This involved a couple of trains and a walk across the docks:

As for Minatur Wunderland itself, where do you start? So much to see, and even walking round twice, I’m sure I missed many things.

As well as trains, there are moving lorries, boats and animations.

Every so often, the rooms darken into night:

Different layouts are based on specific countries:

And winter:

Thousands of LEDs and people are used:

The control room was fascinating (for me):

Switzerland was well modelled over two floors:

And an airport, with planes taking off and landing!

A rock concert:

Even a working volcano:

And so much more, including trains!

These photos are really just a tiny snapshot of the models there – a recommended visit.

Afterwards, definitely time for a beer…

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