Brew York

We’re up in York visiting Lucy this weekend. We had a wander through the city, which was very crowded with pre-christmas shoppers:

Rocco was a bit confused, but behaved himself very well.

Lucy found a brewery with a taproom which allowed dogs:

An interesting place with very good beer, including a stout for Tina.

They also do Asian Street food, so we had some Bao Buns as a starter:

Rocco enjoyed the scrapings:

Later, we had our main course of Ramen:

An enjoyable lunch!

Another long walk

Another warm and sunny day was forecast, so it was on with the walking boots again to enjoy the local countryside.

We started from the farm this time, and had a number of ploughed fields to cross, but these were not too bumpy and of course, very dry:

A bit further along, we stopped for our morning apple:

The terrain became more mixed, with a friendly horse to say hello to:

As we dropped down into the Stour Valley, there were some nice views:

We then followed the River Box upstream, and Rocco had several opportunities to get wet!

We stopped for lunch by a field of beets

After lunch, there was a very overgrown section of path that took careful navigation with shorts on:

Rocco found another ford to play in:

We then climbed up the hill towards Stoke-by-Nayland, then dropped back down again to follow the river again.

Finally, we reached Homey Bridge ford, and Rocco spent ages playing in the water:

Then back up the hill to home and a welcome cup of tea.

8.6 miles today.

A longer walk

The others were going to Hadleigh again, so I took the opportunity to start todays walk from there.

I started on the old railway line, now converted to a foot/cycle path and nature reserve.

Rocco enjoyed racing around after sticks, though I was a bit concerned that he’d wear himself out before we got back (he didn’t!).

We then switched to normal footpaths heading towards Raydon; a mixture of fields and woodland, but really nice walking on well defined paths.

But there were a few lanes to get between paths.

All too soon, it was time for lunch, and we stopped at a nice spot with a really pleasant view.

I’d walked along most of the afternoon paths before, unfortunately including a couple of ploughed fields with no obvious path across, which made for a bumpy walk. But at least it was dry!

But before long, we were back at the cottage, with a nice cup of tea waiting.

8.3 miles today.

Chappel Viaduct

Just south of the Railway Museum is Chappel Viaduct, the largest brick built viaduct in England. This is surprising as the area isn’t particularly hilly.

It’s 1060 feet long and 75′ high.

Rocco needed some “off the lead” time after being so good at the museum, so we had an explore. There was a lovely park the other side of the viaduct so he had a chance to chase sticks.

The pillars are almost identical:

And this is the River Colne, the reason the viaduct is there:

An interesting detour.

East Anglian Railway Museum

It’s been a lovely sunny day today, and as it was only open today, we went to the East Anglian Railway Museum near Bures.

It’s situated each side of a working railway line (Marks Tey to Sudbury).

First was the old signal box, complete with levers that you could pull

We then watched a modern train come into the station from the footbridge:

And then time for a morning coffee on the platform:

Next was a restored goods shed, shops and a (closed) pub:

Then we had a picnic lunch in the goods yard:

After lunch we explored the rest of the museum, including a couple of model railways.

An interesting visit!


Another lazy day today… A misty start, but the sun came out as soon as I got back from the morning dog walk, and we chilled out in the garden in the morning.

After lunch, we left Lucy working and had a walk along the river in Hadleigh. Rocco was keen to get in the river; the geese and swans were quite happy for him not to!

Rocco disgraced himself by finding a very muddy ditch, but we found a clean bit of river so he was just wet instead. We then wandered up the hill above the town; nice to have a cooling breeze.

Gemma and I left Tina to do some shopping and walked back to the cottage. Unfortunately, Rocco found another muddy ditch so arrived back rather black…

A very pleasant day!

Polstead Walk

We went for a walk from the cottage this afternoon. Not the sunniest of days, but a nice pleasant temperature for walking.

First bit was through Dollops Wood, which is right next to the farm, and full of bluebells in Spring:

After a quick visit to the community shop in Polstead village, we followed the footpath to a small pond, where Rocco had a good splash:

Then onwards and upwards, unfortunately getting caught in a brief shower:

We then dropped back down into the valley and followed the route of the River Box upstream.

After negotiating a field with cows, Rocco had a lovely time chasing sticks:

Then had a good splash in the ford at Homey Bridge.

Then back up the hill to the cottage and a welcome cup of tea!

Sprotts Farm

We had a fairly slow journey to Polstead yesterday (too much traffic?) but just got to Colchester in time to collect the Children, who had traveled down via London.

First stop was a shop and lunch at Asda.

Then all the unpacking and taking in the main delivered food order.

Sprotts Farm is in the process of being updated, but some things happily remain the same.

There is a new Swimming Pool (now shut for the year) and a games barn and courtyard:

It’s so nice to be back in such a quiet area with lots of walking on our doorstep.

A different sort of project!

Last year, some members of my dance group, Pastime, made a video pantomime.  We had such fun we decided to do another video – this time with the theme “All at Sea”.  Various people have done various bits and they will in due course be assembled into a whole by our tech wizard (not me!).

I have been filmed reciting a poem.  Aniko added a background – in the final video, I am sitting in a boat!

Next, I am going to attempt to add some illustrations…

This has been a VERY steep learning curve!

Some of you may be able to guess which poem I was reciting…