A different kind of Guiding weekend

This weekend, there were two different Guiding events on-line; SammyLand2020, an on-line festival organised by Chislehurst Division, and the GLK Picnic at Home, organised by the County.

To begin the festival, I made a flower crown.  It was too small for me, so I put it on Jingle Bear.  He also then had to have a wristband!  And I thought he should wear a necker for good measure.

One of the activities was making a “peg portrait”.  So here is his:

There were various other videos to watch and join in with over the weekend, and on Sunday Phil’s mother came round for afternoon tea as our picnic, and I continued the creative theme of the weekend by making scones and jam.


Lock Down – Open Up

The banners I made last weekend are now in place on the church fence.  We have invited anyone from the community to add their symbols or messages of Faith, Hope and Love.

If you look closely to the left of the “Hope” banner, you can see that someone has already put a mini wreath there.

And a message has been added by the “Love” banner.

Having tied them to the fence last Wednesday, I stopped while walking Rocco yesterday, to take the photos.

Rocco is hoping I will hurry up and take him home for supper!

Early Dance Festival

After a brief visit to the Portrait Gallery, I got back in good time for an afternoon of dancing displays.  Wonderful dancing and beautiful costumes.  I was so absorbed in the spectacle, I forgot to take photos!

Today’s events rounded off with supper and social dancing, including an eightsome reel, which I haven’t done in a while…


A day in Edinburgh

Went into town by bus after breakfast with some of the others.  Popped into the National Gallery and marvelled at The Monarch of the Glen, which I had never seen in reality.

Then by shuttle bus to the Modern Art Gallery to see an exhibition about collage.  That was interesting too.  Rather than go back into town to come out again, I walked back to the Guest House along the river, which was exceedingly enjoyable, if a little damp.

Now time for a shower and change before the festival itself gets underway this evening.

Stage two

Safely arrived in Edinburgh! I have a charming single room with my own loo although the shower is upstairs.  Now I am going to get the bus into town to visit the National Museum of Scotland.

And so back to Orpington…

No photos for Sunday.  Went to the Crescent Theatre in the afternoon to see “Nell Gwyn”, after lunch at Brindley Place.  The play was excellent.  After a quiet evening in, Gemma had to go to work this morning, while I had a leisurely start and an uneventful journey home.