French Canals – Friday

A rather exciting day today. We spent the morning doing 11 locks up to the summit. This included two double locks and one triple lock – the wash from this was rather fierce for our little boat!

Then this afternoon, we had three tunnels, 758m, 268m and 212m long, though these were wider than most UK ones, and had traffic lights so there was no need to pass other boats.

Between each tunnel was a deep cutting reminiscent of UK canals.

Following the tunnels, there seemed to have been a breakdown in communication between lock keepers, and we had to wait for an hour attached to a very dubious bollard…

But finally, we were on our way down, and spent the afternoon doing 16 locks in 4Km!

A busy day – a mere 19Km but 27 locks and 3 tunnels today!

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