Schynige Platte

It’s been a really nice day in the mountains, so we took the train (actually three trains) to a nearby summit, Schynige Platte.

This is Wengen station, a 10 minute walk from our hotel.

We took the rack railway to Lauterbrunnen, then a regional train to Wilderswil, where we got the small rack train up the mountain.

As we climbed up, the views got better and better.

There is a small station at the top (6500ft up) with the usual shops, caf├ęs etc.

And some Alphine Horns disturbing the silence…

Time for a beer with a view:

We then went for an explore, ending up in an extensive Alpine Garden with an amazing number of different plants.

Including an Edelweiss:

All too soon, time for another beer and the trains home.

It’s been lovely to be so high up and enjoy hot weather with virtually no wind.

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