A New Job!

Now I’m (supposed to be) retired, I volunteered to help a Model Railway Electronics group pack kits of components. Most of the electronics that I initially used for my model railway came from this group, so I was keen to give something back.

First job was to 3D design and print some trays to sort the components into – I wanted something that would easily stack so it didn’t take up too much space when not in use – you can see the results in the photos below.

I also had to order some missing components, and learn how to program the specific microcontrollers that these kits use. I also built a sample kit to check that everything worked OK.

But finally, everything was in place, and the components could be counted into trays:

Each tray of components is then packed into a self seal bag:

And then the job was done:(You can see the stacked sorting trays in this photo).

One kit done and ready to be posted, now to do the next one!


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