A ‘Brill’ Day

We drove to the next village south of the barn, Brill – we were originally going to walk, but the stiles on route were not very dog friendly, and had a stroll around the windmill and common.

Rocco ran up and down the slopes as if he’d not had a walk for a week and Tina did a sketch of the windmill.

We’d pre-booked lunch in the adjacent pub, The Pheasant. Average food, slow service and only one beer on (which then ran out!). We won’t be returning there…

Nice views from the garden though:

After lunch, we went for a proper walk. You can see a long way from a small hill when everything else is flat:

We did get caught in a shower, but before long, the sun returned and everything was steaming:

Then home for a welcome cup of tea…

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