London Loop Walk 4 – Coney Hall to Whyteleafe

It’s been a while since my last London Loop Walk, so with reasonable weather forecast, today was the day to do the next section.
I used the bus to get to the start of the section at Coney Hall – this was much easier than the much longer train journey to Hayes.

The first bit was through Coney Hall Recreation Ground, a pleasant but unexceptional dog walking area:

Coney Hall Recreation Ground

Then a nice path past Wickham Church:

Wickham Church

Across the busy A2022, then through playing fields into the woods at Spring Park and Threehalfpenny Wood:

Spring Park

Then it was a bit of trudge down a busy road until some more woodland at Addington Hill:

Addington Hill Tree

The path climbed up to the “summit”:

Addington Hill Steps

With good views over London (click for a larger image):

Addington Hill Viewpoint

Then back down the other side, and across the tram tracks at Coombe Lane Station:

Heathfield House is a very pretty late 18th Century house and gardens, now used as a training centre:


Next was Bramley Bank, a Nature Reserve:

Bramley Bank

After walking through Forestdale, open country beckoned at Selsdon Wood:

Selsdon Wood

Then the final leg to Hamsey Green:

Farleigh PathHamsey Green

This is the official end of the section, but it was easier for me to do a bit of Section 5 and get the train back home from Whyteleafe.

Dipsleys Shaw

Whyteleafe Station

A total of 12 miles today.

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