More adventures with technology

Some bright spark suggested that the church secretaries should do the welcome before our on-line services, and as I am on duty this month, it fell to me to send a video message to our tech guru to add to the Sunday service.  Thought it best to wear slightly less scruffy clothes than in recent days…

Then I continued with the conservatory – the only tech there being a vax and a floor cleaner.

Next, setting up a Tesco order for tomorrow using the tablet – not a new task, for once, but one I will be doing less now that the delivery slots are being given to the vulnerable as a priority.

After supper (old tech here – a hob and a grill), it was time to attend an on-line Elders meeting.  Luckily I was not the tech support for this one!!

Time to close down and switch off the machines and go and find a glass of beer – maybe read a book…

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