Two different kinds of progress!

The regency stays I have been making are ready for the final fitting – this really will be the moment of truth!  If they are OK, I will add eyelets for the lacing.  If not – start again 🙁

The shoulder strap is a long way from the tab.  When I try it on myself, they might come closer, but if not, I’ll need a long lace!  I won’t be wearing them over a turquoise t-shirt, by the way, that’s just so they show up in the photo.

Most of the eyelets will be down the two sides of the back, where the stays will be laced.

Meanwhile, a cactus which I was convinced had died has flowered!  Here it is awake:

And here it is asleep!  Isn’t nature amazing?


Slight backtrack

At the beginning of lock down, I bought some fabric with a view to making a Regency dress.  Yesterday, I finally decided I had time to begin cutting out, having fixed the problem with my sewing machine.  As we all should, I read through the instructions before beginning, and they said:  Do not wear this with a modern bra, the line won’t be correct.

So, before making the dress, I am going to attempt some stays!

I may also need a new chemise…

Just like a full time job!

It seems like I have spent a whole lot of my life at my computer this week.  I have attended Zoom meetings, watched streamed lectures, updated websites, fiddled around with spreadsheets and attended webinars.

One of the lectures was at lunchtime, so I had a “working” lunch – something I have not done for many years!

I enjoy playing with technology, but I have started deliberately seeking out things I can do away from my computer – elsewhere in the house, or in my potting shed…

Meanwhile, there are more and more flowers on the plants from Rhey!

Yet another lockdown “Pub” meal

Not the weather for us to enjoy our most recent “pub” meal outdoors, but nice to have something close to it indoors.

First course was Steak & Chips with Peas and Mushrooms, washed down with a pint of Gadds #5 Bitter and a pint of Canterbury Merchant’s Ale (described by the brewery as a “Mild Kentish Stout”):

The pudding was a Raspberry & Passion Fruit tart; it really needed a dollop of double cream on it!:

Rocco seemed very keen on the steak and enjoyed a small offcut!

Another interim project

Some years ago, Phil’s mum gave me a small tote bag, which I used often and with pleasure.  However, the handles were getting worn, so I decided to refashion it into a sort of reticule.  It’s too big for that, really, but will hold all the junk a 21st century woman has to carry!

A Project between projects

Over the weekend, while considering what to do next, I sorted out all the books in the loft.

First, empty all the shelves.  Then put the books into categories – move elsewhere in the house, no longer needed, Book Group books, and then by subject.  On top of that, I had to remove the ones I didn’t want from the log, and add any that I hadn’t bothered to log before to the log!  Those are the ones on the seat.  I have been lazy in the past…

At the end of the exercise, there’s one empty crate and two empty shelves.  Very satisfying.  Just the books in the bedroom to sort out now.  Some of those will undoubtedly go on the spare shelves in the loft!

What shall I do next?

So, I’ve finished my dress:

As it’s a winter dress, I now put it away until the autumn.  By which time it’ll be a nice surprise…

I also moved Phil’s cucurbits to their new home – having first untangled them from the spider plant!

In fact, I spent most of Monday putting various things into new pots…

In between, I am still spending time at the computer learning all sorts of new technology, continuing with my reading challenge and finding new and exciting things to cook.  For the first time in my life, having loads of different things to do seems like a blessing!

Another Lockdown ‘Pub’ meal

We were due to be on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales this week, so as partial compensation, we decided to have another Tesco “Meal Deal”.

The main course was Slow Cooked Gammon Shank In Pineapple with Chunky Chips:

And for pudding, Chocolate & Orange Profiteroles:

And a surprisingly nice bottle of Merlot. Not bad for a total cost of £10!

A Potty Project!

The trouble with sowing seeds is… seedlings!

Some herbs – coriander, basil and parsley.  Destined for the herb bed, eventually.

Although I’m not sure all of this is parsley!

There are also some flowers:

And some very healthy looking ones from Rhey:

The upshot of all this is I needed to make some pots, using my useful little pot maker.  This is a job you can do while chatting to a friend or daughter via videolink.

And here are some I made earlier.

Watch this space for pictures of the pots with plants in!