A grand day out

Gemma and I got the train from Northfield to Redditch, to visit the Needle Museum there. The visitor centre wasn’t open, but there was a little café selling coffee etc, and the museum was open.

There was an excellent textile exhibition, then three small galleries showing all different kinds of needles and how they were made.

We walked past the visitor centre, and across the field to some Abbey ruins which are nearby.  There were many dogs and families – all the labradors we saw had clearly been having fun in the stream!

Altogether a splendid day out!


A glorious day’s dancing

Gemma’s Morris side, Blackadder, were dancing out at Upton on Severn today.

The sun shone and there were many other sides…

… as well as a plethora of interesting stalls selling food and clothing.

The day was rounded off with a mass dance – several sides all dancing together to The British Grenadiers.

There was also a barn dance under the bridge, but I was joining in, so I didn’t get any photos!

A trip to Birmingham

I’m visiting Gemma and Paddy this weekend, and took the opportunity to visit an exhibition at the Ikon Gallery.

A lovely building as well.

Then I wandered through Birmingham and along the canal before getting a train to Gemma’s.

There’s a lovely marquetry map of Selly Oak at King’s Norton station for some reason.

Firelighting Course

Keen to get leaders back outside with their girls, the folks at Paxwood offered a firelighting course for new and inexperienced leaders, or those who have lost confidence during Covid.  They were invited to come with or without a few girls, and some experienced leaders were available for support and encouragement – of which I was one!

I was very impressed with the Brownies’ wood pile; small but beautifully formed:

Later on they offered me a toasted wrap.  Rather more toasted than perhaps ideal, but I was hungry so it was welcome.  It contained strawberries, slices of banana and some marshmallows which melted goo-ily.  I’d not seen wraps cooked on the fire before, so there is always something new to learn even for old hands like me!

Regency turban really under way now!

So, having bought a wig stand and a stretchy turban as a basis…


The next step was to drape fabric around it.  This is left over from the Regency dress, so it’ll match.

Draping front

Draping back

Now to begin stitching it all together (and hopefully not to the stand).  I also found a little collection of sparkly bits which might work as decorations.

A long term project completed!

Some years ago, I began crocheting squares from some cotton yarn from my stash.  Squares are good to take on holiday, as they are small and you can just take a few at a time, but it also means the project progresses slowly… Anyway, I was getting near the end of the cotton, so it was time to decide what to make from the finished squares.

First, they had to be blocked, then pressed. 

I ended up with 33, just the number for a shrug pattern I found.  The photo below was taken on the bed while I was away in Cambridge – the whole project was still small enough to take in my rucksack!

The assembled shrug had to be blocked again after I had crocheted the squares together.

Here it is being worn as a shrug:

But the sleeves have buttons, so you can also wear it as a shawl…

…or a scarf!

Very adaptable!  But do I store it with the wraps, the shrugs or the scarves??