Next sewing projects

Well, having finished the bedspread, I have to decide what to sew next.  I have had a suit partially cut out for some time, and I have the fabric for a Regency dress which I bought at the start of the lock-down.  To begin with, I printed off the Regency Dress pattern and assembled the pieces.  That was a whole project in itself!  I discovered that an old ashtray was perfect as a sellotape dispenser, and did finally end up with the pattern pieces in a folder, ready to go.

But then I decided to go back to the grey suit.  So I cut out the lining for the dress, and began to assemble it.  My plan is to have it ready for when I go back to court sittings next week.  So far, there’s only the front. Fine as long as I don’t turn round…

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