Another long walk

Another warm and sunny day was forecast, so it was on with the walking boots again to enjoy the local countryside.

We started from the farm this time, and had a number of ploughed fields to cross, but these were not too bumpy and of course, very dry:

A bit further along, we stopped for our morning apple:

The terrain became more mixed, with a friendly horse to say hello to:

As we dropped down into the Stour Valley, there were some nice views:

We then followed the River Box upstream, and Rocco had several opportunities to get wet!

We stopped for lunch by a field of beets

After lunch, there was a very overgrown section of path that took careful navigation with shorts on:

Rocco found another ford to play in:

We then climbed up the hill towards Stoke-by-Nayland, then dropped back down again to follow the river again.

Finally, we reached Homey Bridge ford, and Rocco spent ages playing in the water:

Then back up the hill to home and a welcome cup of tea.

8.6 miles today.

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