Cudham and Pratts Bottom

It was another lovely day today, so we walked through the woods from Cudham to Pratts Bottom.

Cudham Walk

The bluebells in the woods are still glorious:

Cudham Walk

Ralph met sheep for the first time; unfortunately he seemed rather too keen on investigating them closely, so it was a bit of a struggle getting him across the field. He also met what I suspect are his first “real” stiles – most had dog sized holes underneath, but I had to lift him over one of them..

We then “helped” with the Pratts Bottom May Queen procession, all of which was fine until Ralph spotted a dog on the opposite pavement; keeping him on track was hard work!

Pratts Bottom May Queen Procession

Our railway club had a small Garden Railway display running at the Pratts Bottom village fete:

Garden Railway

Then back home through the woods and fields. In the process Ralph managed to roll in some cow poo, so he had to have a wash once we got home.

An exhausting day, but so nice to see some warmth outside.

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