London Loop Walk 3 – Petts Wood to Hayes

It was another lovely warm day with no rain forecast, so Ralph and I embarked on the next section of my London Loop walk.
The day started with a short train journey to Petts Wood, then a traipse along the High Street and quiet suburban streets to Jubilee Park.London Loop 3 - Jubilee Park

I seem have got there at peak dog walking time – there were dogs everywhere, and Ralph was in heaven trying to play with them all, whether they wanted to or not. In the end, he was being a bit too much of a nuisance and had to go back on the lead.

There was then another boring bit of suburbia to reach Sparrow Wood. This wood is often a bit muddy, but I didn’t expect it to be quite as bad as it was. Mind you, it had rained quite heavily earlier in the week, so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.London Loop 3 - Mud in Sparrow Wood

Ralph did enjoy a play in the stream though.
London Loop 3 - Ralph in Sparrow Wood

Then we followed a long footpath from Crofton Oak to Darrick Woods. These woods had less dogs than Jubilee Park, but Ralph was again a bit of a nuisance and had to go back on the lead.London Loop 3 - Darrick Wood

The route then crossed the busy A21, and headed through Farnborough Village.London Loop 3 - Farnborough

The footpath goes through St Giles Church, and it was an interesting exercise getting the dog past a funeral party without scattering his blond hairs on their dark clothing!

Then back into the countryside through High Elms. The loop took a very different route from my normal walks at High Elms, and we ended up at the far end of Shire Lane.London Loop 3 - High Elms

The path then followed the edge of the Holwood Estate (you can just see the house behind the trees).London Loop 3 - Holwood Estate

And past the Wilberforce Oak, where we stopped for a quick sandwich and a look at the nice view.London Loop 3 - Wilberforce Oak

Then on to Keston Woods, where Ralph enjoyed some fresh water from the ponds there.London Loop 3 - Keston Ponds

Yet more suburban roads took us to Keston Village, from where we followed the ridge of West Wickham Common.London Loop 3 - West Wickham Common

A signpost reminds us of the start of the London Loop at Erith, now 24¾ miles away.London Loop 3 - Signpost

Then down the hill to Coney Hall.London Loop 3 - Coney Hall

This was the official end of the section, but then there was a longish walk to Hayes Station. It’s only a half hourly service, so we had 20 minutes to wait for a train to Lewisham, then another 20 minute wait for an Orpington train, so the journey back took almost as long as the walk!

But a good day, and another 11 miles of walking done.

London Loop Walk 4 – Coney Hall to Whyteleafe

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