London Loop Walk 8 – Ewell to Kingston

A good (and dry!) weather forecast today (as it turned out, a bit too warm), so a good day to do the next section of my London Loop Walk.
The trains in the London Loop 8 area go from Waterloo, which isn’t always that accessible at weekends due to engineering work, so it was worth braving crowded trains to do this section during the week. Outbound was easy, a train to Waterloo East, then another from Waterloo Main Line back to Ewell West.

From the station, it was a short walk to the London Loop at Bourne Hall Park, with yet another London Loop information board:Ewell - London Loop Board

This section follows the Hogsmill River from its source at Ewell down to the Thames. There used to be many mills along this river, this is one of the few remaining:Ewell - Upper Mill

Bourne Hall Park

The path goes under a railway line; this is an interesting dual use of the tunnel, with the river under the path:Path under Railway

Then out into green fields and paths, though it’s much more urban than some of the countryside in the earlier sections:Green Fields

Then the Tolworth Road needed to be crossed using a diversion to the nearest pedestrian crossing lights:Tolworth Road

After that, I started to wonder if I was following the correct route; this is the most overgrown path I’ve found so far:Overgrown Path

But eventually things opened out at Old Malden Park:Old Malden Park

The next challenge was crossing the Kingston Bypass (A3). This involved a zig-zag to a subway:Kingston Bypass

The next section was nice countryside at Elmbridge Meadows. A good spot for lunch, except that it seemed like every hungry dog in the area chose that moment to admire my sandwich…

Elmbridge Meadows

Then back to suburbia at Berrylands, and the local sewage works:

Sewage Works

Then all too soon, I was approaching Kingston:


And then the River Thames itself:River Thames

River Thames

This was the end of this section, so I walked over Kingston Bridge and caught the train back from Hampton Wick.

Total distance today was 9.5 miles, but it felt more because it was so warm!

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