Hempstead and Gloucester

A nice day today, though slightly cooler than recently, so off we go on a walk. 

This followed a path through Hempstead that has only reopened fairly recently, and now has a number of geocaches along it. 

This was a pause by Hempstead Church, waiting for a builder to get off the phone and move away so we could grab the cache. 

This is “Lady’s Well”, though I don’t know if this was a real well or just a folly. 

The path then goes around a large landfill site, and every gap seemed to have some rubbish that hadn’t quite made it to the dump. 

We then went into Gloucester Docks, and tried a new dog friendly pub with a Micro Brewery. 

Interesting beer as well. 

The view from outside:

On the way back along the canal, we eventually found a very clever magnetic geocache hidden under some metal steps:

Then back for a cup of tea, our progress briefly halted by an open canal bridge. 

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