Gloucester (Again)

We decided to visit Gloucester again, but took a different bus that departed from a side road just around the corner (but only ran every two hours):

Apart from one other passenger (“Who goes into Gloucester every day to keep the bus running”), we were the only people on the bus! No wonder it’s subsidised…

We walked around Alney Island, a nature reserve just on the edge of the city:

Rocco of course enjoyed chasing a stick and getting muddy. This is the old bridge over the Severn, that has now been replaced by a modern, wider, bridge:

The path wiggles around various elevated sections of railway and road:

and goes through ancient woodland:

One final bridge over the Severn, and we were back in the city:

Just in time for a few beers and lunch in the Fountain pub, which looks like it belongs in a small village rather that the centre of town:

The dogs got a lot of attention (and treats) from both staff and customers:

Then a short walk past the cathedral to an open space where the dogs could let off steam:

Then onto another pub for some more interesting beers and ciders, and a (crowded) bus back home:

4 miles today!

Cleve Hill

As it was a nice morning, we drove through Cheltenham to Cleeve Hill – a good choice as the car does most of the work going up the hill, not us.

We followed the Cotswold Way for the first part, along the edge of the golf course. Both dogs seem to relish running around in the open space:

Further on, we partially descended into a valley to grab a geocache (hanging in a tree)::

Then back up the hill to a small reservoir – a popular spot for dogs!

Then up the hill to a nice seat for elevenses:

We then set off round the hill, a mixture of almost lunar landscapes and lush grassed paths:

Further on around the hill, we had our first view of Cheltenham and the racecourse:

Then even further round, lunch break on a nice bench overlooking Cheltenham. Toby and Rocco are being very attentive as they’ve had a few crusts from my sandwiches:

Finally, back to the car, again following the Cotswold Way along the tops:

5 miles in total, though I suspect Rocco did more like 15-20 miles!

Coaley Peak Walk

We went somewhere new for the morning dog walk. Coaley Peak is a car park high on the ridge south of Stroud, with good views over the Severn valley:

We followed the Cotswold Way long distance path north through the woods:

Rocco of course enjoyed his stick:

The path followed past some quarries and headed downhill:

Eventually, the path followed along some fields lower down the hill:

and then back into the woods:

Eventually, we left the Cotswold Way and had a steep climb back up the hill. The path back to the car followed the ridge line:

and we stopped for a Geocache:

A lovely walk, 5 miles in total.


An interesting day in Gloucester; we started the day walking the dogs to a spot on the River Severn where the Severn Bore was due. It wasn’t a “big” one, and was 20 minutes late, but sure enough, there were a few waves splashing on the banks and the water level went up by a foot or two. You can just see a splash in the distance in this photo:

Later on, I used my new Freedom Pass to get the bus into Gloucester. The bus was a bit busy, but most passengers didn’t seem to mind a couple of Labradors getting in the way!

First stop was Gloucester Docks, surprisingly quiet although I’m sure the cold wind kept people away.

And a quick pint of Gloucester Brewery Cascade in “The Tank”:

Suitably fortified, we headed through the main shopping streets to a micro-pub – excellent beer but no photos, then on through the cathedral gardens to The Pelican, which also has a good range of excellent beer, including two good stouts; one from Brew York!

Then back home on the bus (a bit quieter this time). A good day out despite the wind.

Standish Woods

We braved the rather showery weather to return to Standish Woods, not far from Quedgeley. After a bit of a struggle getting the National Trust car park ticket machine to actually work, we set off into the wind and headed to the nearby Topograph:

Rocco was his usual happy self, even without a stick:

From here, we headed downhill to the woods:

And I found a couple of sticks for Rocco:

Then into the woods, and the slow climb back up:

Lovely views from the top:

A nice walk, and the showers were not a problem!

Robinswood Hill

Rocco and I are staying with Steve and Toby in Quedgeley, and a Sunday tradition is a walk around the local country park at Robinswood Hill.

Quite a climb to start with; the path then contours through the woods and up the hill.

And finally, we get to the top:

Extensive views over Gloucester and Cheltenham, plus a rainbow for good measure.

The far right hand side of the rainbow was very close to Gloucester Cathedral!

Unfortunately you need rain to produce a rainbow, and it was a bit drizzly (and windy) at the top.

So time to head back down!

A good walk – Rocco did like chasing his sticks!


We had a nice steak and chips in the Pilot last night – timed it just right so that we walked there in the dry, it rained while we were in the pub, then walked back in the dry…

The forecast today wasn’t too inspiring, with rain scheduled for lunchtime, so we walked along the canal to Gloucester.

On the way, we crossed the Severn to Alney Island, but many of the paths were flooded and muddy from the recent rain, so we headed back into Gloucester.

First stop was The Fountain, a lovely ‘Country Pub’ in the middle of the town. Then to the Turk’s Head, a recently opened Micro Pub. Then finally back to the Gloucester Brewery pub in the docks.

The dogs were quite bored by this time, but still well behaved (especially with a treat in the offering)

Then back along the canal to home.

Morning Walk

I took the dogs along the canal for their morning walk today – always fun trying to keep control of two dogs!

We were passed by one of the Tall Ships leaving Gloucester:

Though I don’t think that the dogs were very interested…

Parts of the canal are being dredged and the residue dumped on an adjacent field:

Though being a Bank Holiday, not much happening!