Arlingham Horseshoe

Today’s walk was around a large loop in the River Severn near Arlingham. It was a bit overcast to start with, but a good path along the river. We kept pace with a log floating down the river on the tide for ages! 

An old pill box provided a good place to pause. In the background (on the other side of the river) is Newnham, near the Forest of Dean. 

Further on, tall pylons take electricity across the river:

Finally, we reached a small patch of woodland above a cliff which provided a sheltered spot for lunch:

And the river starts to open out:

We then left the river to the Gloucester and Sharpness canal near Saul.

And followed the towpath to Saul Junction; very picturesque! 

From here, we followed the disused Stroudwater Canal back to the car:

11 miles, but no geocaches today. 

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