Morning Walk

I took the dogs along the canal for their morning walk today – always fun trying to keep control of two dogs!

We were passed by one of the Tall Ships leaving Gloucester:

Though I don’t think that the dogs were very interested…

Parts of the canal are being dredged and the residue dumped on an adjacent field:

Though being a Bank Holiday, not much happening!

Robinswood Hill

We returned for a walk in a familiar spot this morning; a nice nearby country park arranged around a quarry and hill.

Rocco enjoyed himself running around chasing sticks – it’s so easy to throw a stick down a hill and wait for him to run down and back up it.

Even Toby went down once, but that was it!

It was a bit breezy at the top, so we didn’t stay long.

But nice views of Gloucester:

A pleasant walk back, just getting to the car as a shower arrived…

A quiet day…

Nice warm weather again, so we walked the dogs to the local ‘dog field’ so that they could have a run around. Rocco enjoyed chasing his ball, and splashing in the brook:

Toby enjoyed being lazy and avoided any exercise….

We’ve managed to drag the dogs down to the pub for an evening beer.

More Tall Ships

We walked along the canal into Gloucester today, and passed some of the tall ships moored along the canal:

A bit later on, they then came past us into the docks:

We found a beer in the shade and watched them get moored, helped by a couple of RIB’s (which didn’t help much) and a tug (which did).

The dogs were a bit bored by this time, so we went via the cathedral to another pub:

Nice beer in this pub, but no food, so on to a third:

An excellent beer and some ham and chips filled a hole, so back to the docks for a final beer before the walk home:

Tall Ships

Rocco and I are in Gloucester for the Bank Holiday weekend. We timed our walk along the canal to the pub with to see a group of Tall Ships heading up to a festival in Gloucester.

It’s quite surreal to see a mast above the trees, then a ship coming round the corner.

Shortly after, others passed:

It was really nice having a beer in the pub garden (overlooking the canal) and enjoying the sunshine instead of a cold wind.

Later on, we enjoyed a nice steak!